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J36 Business Solutions

Business sustainability refers to business models and managerial decisions grounded in financial, environmental and social concerns. Many entrepreneurs want to build a business but smart entrepreneurs want to build one that will outlive them.

Some feel that they will need the best in the field to do so but the smarter ones realize that by building their team, they make their team what they want them to be. It has been said that to build a sustainable business, you are required to solve a problem. When we look around, we realize that there are problems (economic, environmental and social) waiting to be solved. At J36 Business Solutions, we believe that every entrepreneur has the solution to a problem.


Very few entrepreneurs know how to sell the vision of their organization to their team. Some do not even have a vision to sell; they actually run with the need to make money and not to meet a need. Compared to companies that focus on short term profits and take decisions based solely on the bottom line, sustainable organisations think long term. At J36 Business Solutions, we help you solve a problem with your business idea and in the process, receive an economic advantage. Read more.